Thursday, October 20, 2011

drama queen

Nearly a year ago I watched a Taiwanese sitcom that completely weirdo me out.  Sitting in my most uncomfortable borrowed wooden chair with only a threadbare IKEA pillow shielding my butt from major bruising, I watched episode after episode of my own life reflected through these fictitious characters.  Some of it was hilarious.  Other parts mirrored a brutal honesty that I'd never share with the rest of the world. 

I hesitated to admit that I shared so many commonalities with this show because that would mean my life were nothing but a drama.  What an embarrassing thing to compare myself to! 

And as any Asian sitcom goes, the series ends with happiness and the promise of a blissful future.  Cue in the tears and commissaration.  Kidding.

Most recently I watched a movie that elicited the same feelings.  I've been in that eye-roll situation.. I've said enough is enough.. I've sat through those awkward encounters.. I've felt so alone in all this..

By wait a minute.. maybe I'm not so alone after all?  Plots like these cannot just come out of someone's imagination - creative as they might be. Something strikes a chord and I think its because of how true to life their characters are portrayed.  Sure Asian dramas are a little exaggerated, but the story and the feelings are still the same.

My conclusion is that maybe I'm not so crazy as I guiltily thought.  I'm in the midst of a time in my life when things are kind of bizarre.  And maybe that's expected and even shared among other people in my boat.  And while there's headache and trauma and fun and casualties in between, I'm inclined to believe that there's good that comes in the end.  So i'm not rolling end credits just yet.

Yes, I believe life is like a movie.

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  1. I recently watched this korean movie where an assassin and a cop both fall in love with the same girl. In the ensuing crossfire between them the girl gets shot in the throat and loses the ability to speak. Hopefully your life is not filled with that sorta drama....