Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Media volume: Off

Due to extending circumstances and a busy schedule, I didn't get to go to the bathroom at work today. So first order of business after my walk home was to head straight for the small tiled room.

Thank goodness for 2 bathrooms up here cuz the first one (generally my preferred choice) was already occupied. It didn't take long though for me to pick up on a small tinkering sound streaming from the bathroom. Usually sounds don't perk up my ears as the bathroom iS a place for extraneous noises after all.

However this sound was different. As I stepped into bathroom #2, I realized that bathroom #1's occupant was busy playing what sounded like a video game! There was a distinctive background melody, the schwing! sound of a swinging sword, grunting ogre tones, etc. There's definitely a pretty epic battle going on atop the porcelain next door!

But then.. as weird as it is to have my business joined by musical accompaniment, I can't decide if I can really deem it bizarre and unconstitutional to the bill of rights one has when doing their thing.

Is it better to play with your phone in secrecy, keeping the volume muted? Or proudly showing off to your neighbors that you've completed 3 levels since you've sat down? Times are changing and smartphones and tablets are rolling out magazines and newspaper.  It just so happens that our new attractions come with volume control. What do you think?

You can see I'm feeling rather conflicted as I post this on silent mode.

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