Sunday, October 16, 2011

right now, i am...

...sleepy because i woke up at 6:30am to get ready for church

...immensely happy because i got to play my glockenspiel with the worship team this morning

...frustrated because one side of my hair desperately needs to be manicured

...a little jealous of people who don't have to work on weekends

...grateful that i am in good health and can afford to eat cheeseburgers without guilt or remorse

...remembering that joy need not stem from present happiness

...wishing that expensive things weren't so expensive

...thankful that i can afford to live on my own with some to spare

...anxious that i cannot make out the feelings that are going on inside me into comprehensible thoughts or words

...playing music by gungor on repeat

...sad that i come to god with more requests and blame than thankfulness

...encouraged by the people who surround me who offer their lives as living examples

...discouraged by the prospect of making choices that only i can determine for myself

...excited that it's time for rainboots, umbrellas, scarves and dead leaves along the sidewalk

...wondering if maybe it'd be better if the rapture came sooner rather than later

how are you doing?

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