Wednesday, November 23, 2011

how to be hipster.

so apparently this is what being hipster means.  behhh

i get that style isn't something you can force.  otherwise you get called a poser and that's not really what i'm going for.  but.. but..  i really wanna be hipster!!  and ride a fixie bike (i blame my brother for breaking his promise of getting me one).  i like vintage stuff.. i drink tea with milk.. my brain is addicted to coffee.. i like skinny jeans..  although as much as i've wanted hipster glasses, i tried some on at costco the other day and looked ridiculous. ok for the record, i think smoking is gross so that's not something i'd venture into. 

this post really has no substantial content.  i'm just ranting because i want to be hipster. 

happy thanksgiving everyone!


  1. happy thanksgiving hipsta deborah -- (that rhymes, i think)

  2. hah i have a bike that looks exactly like the bike in your pic, except it's matte black with black wheels. it even has the flip flop rear hub which lets you ride as a fixie or normal bike. i never really considered it as a hipster bike... but you can ride around on it if you wanna pretend to be a hipster bike chica for a day.