Tuesday, November 29, 2011

movie review: jane eyre (2011)

i picked up jane eyre from blockbuster express after work yesterday at safeway.  ahhhhh  it has set my heart aflutter!  i'm almost ready to put it among my list of favorite movies but i might have to watch it again to confirm.  but it's really good.  i'm not sure if i agree with the director's rendition of the story as it's not nearly as gothic and dark as the original book.  also, mr. rochester isn't nearly as fierce as i'd imagined.  but authenticity aside, i love the story :D  but to be sure, this is, in my opinion, the best adaptation of the book to date.

i think one of the biggest contributors to the greatness of a movie is the soundtrack.  this one was composed by non other than dario marianelli.  sounds familiar?  he created the music for pride and prejudice (2005), and who i'd compare to the likes of ennio morricone and hans zimmer.  swoooon.

now as soon as i finish writing my paper (yep, still writing), i'm gonna reread my 1943 copy of the book :D

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