Sunday, November 20, 2011

stupid chair.

(btw, chair represented is not the chair i refer o in this post)

I finally figured out why I’m having such a hard time focusing on writing my thesis!  and interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with the world wide web.  for awhile I thought I was battling my addiction to facebook and my google reader, chock full o’ pretty blogs..  I mean, that’s not to say that I don’t still check my feeder every 3 minutes..  but the point is, the internet is not the main culprit here.  whew!

this chair that I’ve been sitting in for the last 3 years is to blame.  I’ve always known it to be excruciatingly uncomfortable but it never came to my attention that it would actually hinder my productivity.  of course on a normal day, high productivity is defined by the number of blogs I’ve starred or images I’ve pinned or episodes I’ve covered in one sitting.  all such activities done with the slight bit of guilt that I’m not wholly spending my time wisely – so the notion of an uncomfortable chair really only alleviates the remorse I feel.  knowing that I’m .suffering. through my actions eases the conscience.

not so when I’m trying to write a paper.  let me give you a little anatomy of the chair.  the honker weighs about 50 pounds and must be made of some prehistoric petrified wood.  its rigidity is fierce enough to punch back every time I sit down.  there are slopes and valleys in the chair that mimic a feeble effort to contour against one’s body, but in reality they’re just deceiving lies of a great seating experience up ahead.  all lies.  furthermore, the behemoth of a chair is so heavy that i cannot just scooch in and out of my desk without eliciting another bruise to my left knee.  so most of the time, i sit on my knees or cross-legged, hovering over my 10-inch netbook, feverishly typing away before getting up again to relieve my legs of numbness.

obviously a devil chair like this does not have the capacity to swivel.  let me just say, swivel chairs are by far the most intellectually stimulating contraptions.  everyone knows that a stagnant mind is of no use to anyone.  but, take a stagnant mind and put it on top of a swivel chair and you are creating kinetic activity both internally and externally.  pure genius.

anyways, this is why writing has been such an uphill battle these last few days.  i've since switched it out for an equally primeval cousin of the chair but hopefully this one will promote greater productivity than its predecessor.


  1. may i suggest getting a designer chair to pamper your butt with? ask clare for her experience. =)

  2. oh yes! it's great :) my butt is happy, so is knut's and celly's :D i can let you know what model it is if you're interested.

  3. we still have brenda's rollie chair (I don't think she wants it) If she's cool with it, do you want to use it? it's been here for 2 yrs...