Friday, November 18, 2011

Is retail therapy wrong?

What sounds better?

a.) Staring into pages and pages of tables and chi-square analysis that you can't decipher.. typing away at a paper that seems to have no end in sight.. trying to format sentences in active voice, using little to no modifying adjectives.. unfortunately research papers frown upon data analysis that is summarized in a single statement, "meh".

b.) Trying on new shoes?!?!?!

I choose B!!

Grad school has not disciplined me to become a more intellectual, critical thinking individual. 

But check out my new acquisition!!  Missoni heels!  A little research (ha  this kinda research I enjoy) revealed  that Missoni is pretty snazzy and their stuff sells for millions.  K, not millions but maybe a couple hundred.  Thankfully, for people like me who care for neither snazz nor brand, there's Target.  :D  And sometimes we get lucky when snazzy designers are sympathetic and share their work with the almighty Tar-zhay for a fraction of the price.  (And then there's me, who roams the clearance aisle for leftover pseudo-designer treasures!)  woohooo  Another addition to my collection of black heels that have yet to see the light of day!

This late purchase of mine has gotten me curious though.  I'm well aware of come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Praise God for giving us his son so that we can lay our burdens at the cross.  And I wonder how others who do not yet acknowledge Christ as their maker, deal with life-happenings.  It seems like living would feel so futile not being able to give credit for the blessings in life as well as find strength in the blessings-that-you-haven't-yet-discovered-to-be-blessings.

But even then, sometimes I feel like annoying perturbations call for some sort of physical manifestation in order for us to relieve the burden.  ie. punch a wall, talk it out, get a massage, consume ice cream, etc.  In my case, go buy something awesome.  (aiyah, sometimes I feel like I share too much of my junk on here).  Could it be that these instances of "acting out" are reflective of my inability to fully and completely find rest in Christ? Or that rather than submitting to Him, I knowingly take things into my own hands cuz it feels better.  (albeit, only temporarily).

Now that I'm completely on a roll in self-analyzing my hubristic tendencies..  I think it's also possible to have some sort of release of stress that is considered healthy.  That line would likely be determined by a combination of whether hurt is afflicted upon yourself or others as a result of however you choose to let your stress manifest, coupled with your willingness to submit your burdens to God.  Hurting yourself (including bank account) and stubbornness in finding freedom in Christ is probably not the way to go.

Pehh  it seems like I just analyzed my way into figuring out the solution to my issues  ;)  Next time I find myself in the aftermath of an awful day at work, I'll try to remember this..

I rarely get a comment on here but just in case you feel inclined to share..  in what ways do you deal with stress or frustrating situations?


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  1. travel. hop on a plane and go somewhere. it physically gets you away from the stress and you come out of it with some good memories.

  2. mickey d's ice cream cone. it's like prozac for a buck. oh yea, travel is good too.

  3. i go for a run or play some guitar and sing outloud for awhile :) good :)

  4. all of the aforementioned ways are definitely those I relate well with, but also talking with people who understand and know your life situation help much too, at least I've found this to be so. I've been wanting to write my own psalms or write a song, but that has yet to happen!