Sunday, November 27, 2011

the kite runner

i bought a goldfish kite on a whim today.  i'm thinking it looks pretty sweet.  basically gonna be the coolest kite flyer ever when i bring this awesome punk out.  so here's hoping we get some of those crazy wind storms that pop by sacramento every year


side note, has anyone else been swept up into these time-sensitive online shopping websites like fab and huckberry and hautelook?  amidst gilt and groupon, a lot of these kinds of sites have popped up all over the place and it's not good for la cuenta bancaria  =/  ..although the other day i bought a groupon for 10 blockbuster dvd rentals for only $4.  wheeee  any movie recommendations?

1 comment:

  1. have you taken the kite out yet? it's been soooo windy lately.....

    so i checked out huckberry. looks like my kinda stuff, but the prices are too high for a cheapskate like me...