Sunday, December 11, 2011

8 Ultimate Experiences

i came up with a list of really cool things to do in case boredom happens to wedge its way into my life. 

1.  treehouse vacation - wherever my family moved, me and my brother would find the perfect climbing tree on our lot and transform it into a.. well, tree.  we've never had a treehouse before but we'd tie things up on the branches, pretend we were spies, "sleep" in our "beds", etc.  basic small children activities.  i've always dreamed of living in a huge, elaborate treehouse.  who knew you could rent one like you would a hotel?!  i'd definitely choose this, bugs and all :D

2.  rent a vespa for a day - never traveled in france or italy before.  but i'm pretty certain the best way to do it is on a vespa.  of course if a trip to italy never happens, i suppose i could just buy one from caffe italia and tour the great city of davis..

3.  international book trade - small secret, i used to catalog all my books and make cardstock pockets on the inside cover to mimic my own library.  all my stuffed animals had their own library cards.  and then we'd sit around a read all day until my mom called me to take a bath or something.  of which i would ignore and then read some more.  i just discovered this website.  this could the beginning of something really cool.  down with the kindle!!  (unless it's a kindle fire)

4.  too many to choose from! - i'm kidding geez!  calm down.

5.  sewing classes - it looks like i know what i'm doing and i smile and pretend i'm a pro but my sewing skills are pretty elementary.  my technique really hasn't changed since the first time i made a dress for bearbear and mimi (both inanimate stuffed creatures).  when i consulted my sister, she dissuaded me from contacting one my blogger mom heroes to schedule a personal seminar  (does it make it any better that we're fb friends?)  behh  so sewing classes would do just fine.

6.  TED talks - i don't always have time or remember to check the TED site regularly, but when i do, there are some reaLLy awesome clips to digest.  even talks that i'm empathetic towards or disagree, i'm almost always blown away by the talents of the human race.  even cooler if i could attend one in person.

7.  house swap - one of my favorite movies is The Holiday.  the plot of the movie circulates around 2 woman's house swap experience; one in LA and one in a quaint little cottage in surrey.  i think rather than staying in a swanky hotel for vacation, it'd be so much more interesting to live in someone's home away from the usual tourist footpath.  the only trick would be to live somewhere appealing enough that someone would want to swap homes with me.  guess i'm moving into the rock ledges of the himalayas :D

8.  media intern - i say intern because i don't know if i could last in that type of work.  but i think i would love to be put in a small room with nothing but a pair or scissors and instructions to snip away at paper for the next window display.   if they don't pay me i'd probably be happy to eat glue or something.  no, that's a lie.

in the spirit of list-making, i also made a list of things i hope i never take for granted.

1.  god saves.  i dunno if god shaves, but saving is something i know he does.  also in pg's sermon this morning he talked about the weakness of our trust in god which stems from not recognizing or seeking his voice.  guilty.

2.  i got in trouble again.  and the anticipated reaction i got from my parents was completely opposite of what i'd imagined.  sometimes it's hard for me to figure out how they can still tease me and speak encouraging words to me, and they do it so effortlessly.  siiiigh  i feel like i suck at receiving this kinda love because i'm so undeserving.  my parents rock.

3.  never forget to put your seatbelt on.  and nestled behind the plate that lets you honk at other cars is an explosion of fluffiness that makes me wish i can thank its creator in person.

4. all my friends who've helped me out.  thank you <3

you know the part at the end of the incredibles movie where dash is in the car after their huge battle and he goes, "i loooove my family!!!" and then slumps backward into the seat.  that's how generally i feel about generally everything at this moment  =]

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