Tuesday, December 6, 2011

an exclusive photographic exhibit

but first things first.  these are the moments that inspired the creative expression of my inner thoughts.  i call it:

two good news and one bad.
by deborah lee

1. my goldfish kite arrived in the mail today.  now i'm seeking the lord to provide a great and powerful wind that tears the mountains apart and shatters the rocks.

2. my camera has been fixed!  i was advised to read the manual to learn how to use it.  very good advice.  unfortunately the thought of starting in the beginning and learning the ins and outs of this thing intimidates me.  so for now, i'll just pretend like i know how to use it.  btw, did you know that shutters have a life expectancy?  every time i depress the shiny silver button and the iconic SLR shutter resounds, i feel like i've just sent my camera one click closer to death.  it's really very depressing.

3. my mom called me today and asked me what i wanted for christmas.  when i told her, she said absolutely no.  i'm not thrilled.

please kindly put your cellphone on silent and take a moment to enjoy my artistic endeavor.  

i love it, he looks so ferocious.

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