Wednesday, December 14, 2011

thoughts on sight

one thing i hate about hiking is that i get so tunnel visioned.  once i step out onto the dirt path, all my energy is devoted to making sure i see where my next step is going to land.  otherwise, i could be stepping into my own death via cheetah, grass snake or cliff edge.  i become so engrossed in this one crucial task that i forget about the rest of the stuff beyond my self-restricted field of vision.

i try to actively fight this tunnel vision syndrome (TVS), but i still can't help falling back into the downward gaze mode.  because what's immediately at stake is also the most easily preventable in real time.  of course, i could forget about where my feet are gonna land and just enjoy the view as it comes - that is why i go hiking to begin with anyways..  except that inevitably, a trip or toe-stub would bring me back to TVS.  even though consciously i still embrace the bigger picture, Perspective has such a devious way of whittling it back down to a small peephole.

life's kinda like that.  and it's so annoying.

ew weird.  that was so emo.

excellent discovery today:  i found out my new printer has a feature called ePrint.  which means i can email something directly to my printer from any computer or mobile device wherever i am, and have it print straight through my printer at home.  this printer gets a gold star.


  1. there are two cures for the hiking TVS i've discovered... one is to just go some place where the scenery is so amazing that you can't help but look up from time to time. the other is to bring a camera and look/listen closely to try and get wildlife pictures.

    for life's TVS- well i guess that's why i go hiking/traveling so much. enjoying God's creation helps me see the bigger picture.

  2. I like how you relate TVS to life. I feel that in my own life too. I'm reminded of that verse in psalms that says "your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path...". In the olden days, oil lamps only shed light on the 1-2 steps immediately in front of you, and are not the mag-lites that shine 30+ feet ahead. Its an on-going lesson to learn to trust Him with 100% faith every step of the way, even/especially during those times when we don't know what's ahead. anyways, I don't know where I'm going with this, but just started typing and thought I'd share haha.

    btw, cool printer.

  3. thanks for the encouragement bruce. will try to stop looking for mega mag-lites and be content with an oil lamp =]