Thursday, December 8, 2011

simple rule

i remember in preschool for halloween, part of our class celebration was to make this huuuuuge 5 foot long subwich for snack.  every kid got to pitch in and help throughout the process of this gigantour sandwich making ordeal.  some kid got to lay on the mayo, another got to spread the lettuce shreds, etc.  as for me, i got to knife it!

for whatever reason, the teacher trusted me with the jack-o-lantern handled plastic knife and let me cut up the sandwich so that every kiddie got an equal piece.  the funny thing is, i remember another girl wanting to use the knife too cuz it was so cool.  but the teacher had to explain to her how she couldn't because she didn't know how to use a knife. (score for me!!) 

seems totally logical right?  you don't get to have it unless you know how to use it.

siigh.  i'm just gonna go ahead and revoke my driver's license from myself. 

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