Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what kind of car are you?

the joys of car shopping continues.  it's interesting that the type of car you drive naturally becomes a sort of personal identifier to other people.  similar to how pet owners start to develop an uncanny resemblance to their pets.  like the chicken and egg dilemma, i can't figure out which comes first.  but whatever the case, i think it's the same with cars.  or at least the style of the car can tell you what kinda person he or she is.

so now that i get to start afresh, i'm wondering which car resembles who i am the most.  unfortunately more than a handful of people have suggested the VW bug.  can i just say.. really?!  REALLY?!?!?  i do not see that at all.  all it is is a small rolli polli little thing that's just trying way too hard to look moderately cute.  that is, unless...  you're talking about the pikachu bug.  then that's a whole different story ^__<  too bad the bug has such terrible ratings.

  and you think i'm joking..

i'm actually already quite set on one particular car.  if only everything else in life were this easy to choose..  but that's a whole other story for a whole other day =]


  1. correct. and i have this theory that if you are a guy, the car you choose as the daily driver says much about the girl you want to marry. i dont think it works the other way around.

    maybe you want to be a rebel and choose the shock top bug instead.

  2. I USED TO WANT TO BUY A BUG!!!! too bad that it's not so efficient :) just think it's really cute! is that a pikachu bug? haha nice which car are you going to get?

  3. lkc, i believe the theory works the other way around as well. what would dudes think if i chose to drive a toyota sienna at age 26?! bahahaa

    clare, pikabug!!!! i saw several buggies on my car search journey but reliability is toast on this one =/

    ...might i also add, how COOL to have a COUPLE comment on my blog! yeyeahhh i have such cool friends.