Tuesday, January 24, 2012

act your age, not your shoe size

four good things.  FOUR, my friends!!

i'd mentioned several months ago about sharing my thoughts about being a woman.  this is one trait that i'm beginning to think is essential to us ladies.  and that is to be continually joyful.  not easy, i tell you.  i don't think i even need to go into detail about this.. haha

learning to be joyful, i'm finding, is not just a reflection of inward happiness but more importantly an indicator of maturity.  if i think about the causes of a loss of joy, things that come to mind are hopelessness of my state of life, bitterness towards other people, an empty refrigerator, general despair, loneliness, envy.. the tendency to mope is so easy i don't even need to try.  but to rise above it is like trying to pick up my bunny - not impossible but requires much struggle and kicking.

in doing so though, i think i can be whole lot more productive - whether it's giving up to god the things that are his or driving myself to trader joe's.  i always think of the analogy of first world problems versus third world problems.  even though i can't foresee the future, i have a feeling the things that i deal with at my young age of 26 are small and childish in comparison to the life ahead of me.  (not to completely diminish my crabby-patty feelings though, as i think god has many things to teach me and strengthen me where i am at present)  but realistically, my struggles now include me, my bunny and the occasional third party.  i don't have a significant other, no kids, no big responsibilities other than my own, no health issues, no familial obligations..  my thought is if i can't learn to act maturely now, how in the world will i survive life as a real adult??

as a side note, i think maturity is synonymous to having the kinda wisdom found in proverbs...

four things i'm glad for:
- i finally found myself a new watch!  no longer will people have to remind me that my watch as a giant crack through the face.
- taking wizard bokeh pics with my new lens
- finding my bunny nestled between my freshly laundered clothes.  he's so sweet <3
- coffee mornings with dear friend

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