Thursday, January 26, 2012

good morning!

i haven't done this in a LONG time, so thank you nga-man for letting me practice my breakfast making skills :D  sometimes i get a little sad knowing i can't hang out after work like normal people.  but once in awhile, someone comes along with the a schedule just like mine and then everything is right in the world again.

on the menu today, breakfast tortillas!
- fried corn tortilla
- refried beans
- fried egg
- sauteed garlic, mushroom and asparagus
- shredded mexican blend cheese
- cilantro
- fresh salsa

round table discussion
- here a vent, there a vent, everywhere a vent vent
- encouraging each other in our life and our work place
- easing pending blind date queasiness
- other sorts of girl kinda stuff  ^__^

it's gonna be a great day today.  as soon as i finish my second cup of coffee.  yay!

1 comment:

  1. niiice!i love those food pics! your photos are very very nice! keep up the good work with your cool nikon camera!