Friday, January 6, 2012

from the diary of a coffee addict

who was i kidding, thinking i could go on a coffee fast for a month?!

it all started out pretty harmless.  my mom gave me a pack of organic free-trade green tea that came in a really fancy canister package at the close of last year.  if you know me, i'm easily sold by pretty packaging.  you could even sell me a cow pie so long as it was wrapped up nice enough =/  anyways, antioxidant-rich coffee alternative in hand i thought making the switch would be easy peas-y.

how wrong i was.

after a considerable amount of ibuprofen i took to fend off the pounding midday headaches, the hours of silence my coworkers endured as i mentally checked myself into a rehab program at work, and my constant complaints of recurring chills and hot flashes.. my body mutinied and said enough is enough.

and now i give thanks to my moka pot cappuchino and my body responding gratefully to its usual dose of this drug that i love and hate and love a little bit more.

1 comment:

  1. giving up coffee is just crazy talk. glad you came back to your senses.