Sunday, September 9, 2012

adventures of living with an insomniac

i've alluded in a previous post of my run-ins with an insomniac housemate who i'll call snorlax for purposes of anonymity.  in all sincerity, such encounters with her have taught me several lessons on grace, patience, understanding and holding my pee.  all of which have been useful tools in shaping my character and i'm thankful for that.  my mom especially has been a cheerleader for me, rooting for my fight in not letting her get me down or wanting to retaliate.  (believe me, i had several really good ideas)

but at the end of the day, i love this house, i love the neighborhood, i love my room and my bunny loves slowly making my rug a disappearing act via digestion.  and if the cost of living here is to shower before 11pm to give snorlax a moment's rest, so be it.

however, tonight i realized i needed to draw the line.  you see, snorlax recently relocated into a bigger room that coincidentally shares a wall with the bathroom.  therefore, any sounds from the bathroom are reverberated into hers.  on top of her insomnia, she's a light sleeper - such an unfortunate double whammy.  you can imagine, for me going to the bathroom at night is like walking on eggshells, weary of each small sound i make.  anyways, at just about 10:35pm tonight, i realized i needed to make haste and take a shower before the tub turned into a pumplin or something so i gathered my towel, slipped on my sock monkey slippers and shuffled my way into the bathroom.

as soon as i got in, i heard someone quietly sneak into the bathroom next door.  O_o  aiyahhh it's snorlax!!  i too, very quietly tiptoe around my side of the bathroom hoping she won't guess my presence.  in my frozen state i realize she neither closed the door to do her thing, nor did she flush afterwards!!!  complete ninja style.  what. the. hey?!?

this has come too far.  if i'm expected to get in and out of the bathroom at night with as little noise as possible, even if that entails voluntary neglect of flushing, i draw the line.  what if i needed a late night colon cleansing session?  or god forbid, i accidentally drink bad milk with my cereal??!?  snorlax better figure out a way to get over her insomnia cuz i'm not generous enough to go and leave presents for my other housemates.


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  1. I assume this roommate wouldn't take too kindly to a friendly prank? With insomnia, the natural solution would be to fill her room with sheep. In the time it takes for her to shower, you could herd 50 sheep up a right-angled staircase with surprising ease.

    Just a thought.