Saturday, September 29, 2012

maybe it's me..

mmm.. slow day at work.  so i made myself a bunny friend!!

i'm pretty sure most people who know me and read this blog know how much i love bunnies.  and the thought has occurred that maybe i love bunnies too much.  i dunno.. could it be an impediment to my relational status?  i mean, look at this girl!  my sad epiphany revealed just how similar i am to eharmony cat lady =/

or i could go to a bunny mixer where i might find people just like me.. :D  hehehee


  1. I got to say...ur little friend there is very cute. :)

  2. sooooo cutee!!!!!i want a bunny on my phone tooo!!! how did you make it?!!!

  3. :) It's ok I like cats too much I am sure.