Thursday, September 6, 2012

no guts, no glory: intro

the other night while i was gchatting with a dear sister friend, the tagline no guts, no glory was born.  so good right?!  i instantly identified with it because in all my life, i've found that only when i let my guts hang out (whether in private or in the company of others) do i see the glory of god at work.  and it happens especially in the company of other people who patiently wait for me to pull out and untangle the entire length of my intestines that i'm able to let god speak to me through friends and family and suture the wound.

side note: if it's true for me, i'm certain it's true for other people too.  my hope is that as individuals in a community we can be more eager to excise the inflamed appendix when it's causing so much unnecessary pain within and let others/god heal.  the result is feeling better and having freedom in being productive again.

something i've been thinking about recently is that maybe there is a place for me in the church and in the community that speaks to the gospel in a way other people can't -- as a single lady.  there's the ol' saying god's put you there for a reason.  that reason can be just as much for my own personal growth as it is sharing the testimony of the cumulative coolness that is god.

so in the ensuing days, i'm gonna lay out some of my organs related to experiences, realizations and god-spoken truths as a lady flying solo.  this should be interesting..

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