Monday, September 24, 2012

criteria update

is it really true that a guys level of attractability can increase or decrease based on the car they drive?  i dunno.. i used to be skeptical..

after my long biking trip yesterday, i jumped into my car and sped down to marshalls before they closed to find a baby shower gift and bike shorts (more on that later).  as many of my shopping experiences go, i found neither of those items and came out instead with another dress.  another dress that, like my collection of shoes, will likely never see the light of day.  ah welllll.

as i walked back to my car, i saw someone remote-unlock a FIAT right in front of me.  for some odd reason, the person beeped the car more times than necessary to unlock it, which i found weird.  but needless to say, the blinking headlights looked like they were winking at me!  cuuuuute.  [btw, use of this word shall not be limited to the female race and shall not demand reprimand if used by the opposite gender]  i turned around to see who the lucky owner was and behold, nice looking guy :D  without skipping a beat, i projected my voice in his direction and asked him how he liked driving his car.  >____<  ahhh slap face/face palm  i've turned into one of those girls who are easily tricked by guys in cute cars!!!!!

good thing the cute-spawned adrenaline was still running through my veins and i stayed long enough to hear him say it was just a rental and it was a fun car to drive - then i remorsefully ran to my silver dino after realizing what i did.  so i confess.. it's true.  drive a cool car and i might, in a moment of brainwash, ask you for your number =/

but just to be certain, know that not all girls dig leetle european cutemobiles.  one of my grad school classmates was into gigantic pickups.  the bigger the better.  so she married a cowboy and moved to texas  ;)

now about biking.  couple things i realized:

  • i cannot control the massive amount of snot buildup in my nose.  what is the best way to remedy this other than stuffing toilet paper?
  • if there is a snake stretched across the path and i can't cross into on-coming traffic, there's gonna be a lot of blood and guts
  • mebbe this is just in my head, but i feel like there's a hierarchy of bike-coolness on the paths.  i don't think i made it onto the list.  which means, i want a road bike and spandex.  no.. yeah no, scratch the spandex
  • bikers in general are very friendly - even the highest ranking cool bikers
  • thank you parks & recreation department!!  plus, i love the show
  • my cotton shorts, which make for awesome sleep shorts, don't do so well on the road for extended periods of time and sweat
  • bringing water is important.  i should know this..
  • taking breaks will cause my leg muscles to die.  next time, i will refrain from stopping


  1. dont worry, silver dino will outlast a Fix It Again Tony anyday. Not sexy when a man has to ask the girl to drive cuz his ride broke =D. but i do agree that a mans car can give a hint into who he is and what he goes for.

  2. haha so out of curiosity i searched for the word 'cute' on my blog. there was at least a dozen occurences on my blog- not sure what to say about that... so i'll change the subject. how did you like 1Q84? it's so hyped up, but is it worth reading?

  3. ommm.. the storyline of 1O84 is crazy cool. the spiciness however, was really distracting for me - even if it's for the sake of literary artsy fartsy >__<