Saturday, January 15, 2011

blasted hair.

Alright friends, please help a sister in need.

Ever since my mom stopped cutting my hair for me, I've always been on the prowl for the cheapest hair salon. Most times I end up in a shoddy part of the neighborhood with an old lady telling me I don't look Chinese.. in Chinese, as she's whizzing away at my hair. And it's my curse that I'm always too shy or ke qi to tell her that it looks nothing like the picture I brought in. Or that one side is significantly shorter than the other. (After which I'd go home and attempt to remedy on my own)

The aftermath of these salon visits usually entails me pinning and tying up my mess of hair until I deem it necessary to visit the old lady once again. After all, maybe she's just been saving up her efforts to work her magic the next time I come in.

Except.. maybe not.

This afternoon, one of our dietitians came into the office and exclaimed toward the back of my head, "well aren't yOu having a bad hair today!" Granted, she's never been known in our office for her tact but that's certainly not what I'd expected having spent several moments in front of the mirror trying to tame and reinforce the frizzies.

So enough is enough. I need a hair stylist recommendation. Preferably one who speaks English and won't ask for my paycheck in return for an awesome hair cut. Also, I'd like to not have to do anything to it between the time I wake up and leave the door.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. if u want to try a korean lady, let me know. there's a lady that I used to go to for years, and then there are a couple other places that some people have told me about.

  2. Deborah have you checked out the Paul Mitchel Salon school? Their haircuts are relatively cheap $12 I think. And I've heard really good things. Be sure to ask for a more senior student if you go.

    I've also heard great things about Firefly salon in sac. I had a roomate who would go frequently. Although it is probably going to cost around $40.

    Hope this helps!