Saturday, January 29, 2011

to stronger lungs!

i admit i'm not trying to be superwoman or anything.  i'm just trying to stay reasonably in shape.  the last time a nurse checked my lungs, she had cautioned me of having some underlying issue with my below average lung capacity.  probably explains why it hurts so much when i finally reach the landing of the stairwell on the fourth floor of my hospital.

today i ran one mile.  tomorrow i might run one mile again.  maybe more, maybe less.  and by the end of february i might run just one mile still.  but i think that's okay.  i figure 10 minutes of running is really nothing compared to the hours i spend jumping from website to website.

i hear that running can be a good time to think about things.  unfortunately i was too caught up in my irregular breathing pattern while avoiding sloshing into potholes so i didn't really get a chance for contemplation.  but if i were able to think, i'd probably be weighing the possibilities of my future that for some reason is impatiently demanding a definitive response from me.  bah.

and the picture up there?  well, that's how i felt after i closed the circle to my one mile.  poor kevin.  perhaps a better day tomorrow!


this is just my luck.  i have a sore throat.
my current vitamin c intake is about 5 times the RDA. 

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