Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ringing in my ears

i think there are websites that can help me embed playlists into my blog.  it'd be pretty awesome if i could figure out how to do that but unfortunately my techno-savvy prowess only encompasses the addition of unfocused jpegs and the occasional witty one-liner in italics.

so instead, i'll just list off a few songs that i really like today :D

Shawn McDonald - Closer
Matt Brouwer - Better Days (goo goo dolls cover)
Lincoln Brewster - The Power of Your Name
Among the Thirsty - I'd Need a Savior
Switchfoot - Your Love is a Song
Final Fantasy 7 - Tifa's Theme
Kirk Franklin - My Life is in Your Hands

and cuz i'm a girl and i like stuff like this ^_~
Taylor Swift - Enchanted
Jason Chen - Romeo & Juliet

it might be fun to do a weekly playlist of songs i'm listening to. 


  1. dahhh. aerith theme > tifa theme.

  2. aerith's theme is harder to play than tifa's theme. so therefore aerith's theme < tifa's theme. but thanks for trying.

  3. i try again. aerith theme is more emotional and makes grown men *ALMOST* cry. therefore aerith theme > tifa theme. but i am quite impressed that you can play any FF7 song.