Friday, January 14, 2011

las primeras preguntas

This past Wednesday acacia got a chance to meet and hang out with the English Family Group fellowship. I'm definitely not the social butterfly type but its so rewarding to make the effort to get to know some of the other women from my church.

Before the potluck, one of our advisors helped me come up with some conversation starter questions to catalyze dialogue between our fellowships. ..and also reduce the amount of potentially awkward silences that may occur ^_< In coming up with the questions, I had in mind, what sort of things would I want to know about this person that might help me understand him better in a relatively short amount of time? Being more of a reflective type rather than inquisitive, I came up with 3 out of 10 questions. :D

Later that night, I was thinking.. conversations and good questions are key to getting past the superficial sediments of the person and hitting closer to their core. There's always time for silly small talk and random exchanges of animal sounds and such, but I think there are times when choice words supersede :what's your favorite color:

So say, hypothetically, that you're in a speed date/blind date situation, what first questions would you be asking?

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  1. if it were a speed date i would ask- if you were to choose between a ninja and a pirate, which would you date and why?