Thursday, January 13, 2011

commence the lovey dovey season!

Unloved things must be deeply loved to become lovely.
- Chesterton

In thinking about serving and other things of the like, rarely do we find ourselves at the feet of a well manicured queen. James talks about helping the unclothed, the widows and the orphans. Jesus served people who had contagious diseases.

In my hospital, these people are put on contact precautions with signs warning care takers to gown up before entering their room. Psych patients are put under close watch and we try to turn another ear when they yell or make unpleasant comments. It's so easy to discriminate the lovely from the unlovely when signs of uncommon demeanor and appearance are so apparent.

And yet we're still called to love. Take it a step further and we find that :while we were still sinners, Christ died for us: sigh. How to let this love be reflected in my life?? I so much love to work in the hospital but I think there is so much to be learned when it comes to humbly coming before each patient in service and love. It should be less of a .job. and more of an obedient response to the love that we've received.

It's only January and Valentine's day items are already piling up on shelves everywhere. Unfortunately by February 15th all these things will be red-tagged and dumped in clearance bins.

Hoping we all find a love that lasts.
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