Sunday, August 19, 2012

happy things

originally the garland was gonna read something like "praise the Lord, jess is getting married".  but it got vetoed one, for being too long and two, maybe sending the wrong message of jess' ability to finally find a husband (which is definitely not the case).  so here it is:  JESS .heart. JOE  and they're getting married in less than a week!!

this little lady was the first person i met in acacia four some years ago and she's been such a blessing in my life since.  she's one of the most spiritually mature people i know and so caring and encouraging to me when i feel like eeyore or crabby-patties - with many conversations shared over coffee or sitting in my car in her lab's parking lot.  and seeing so many guests at her bridal shower was testament of her gigantour heart for loving and serving people.  dis girlz awesome.

love you jess!

this on the other hand, not so happy stuffs.  i found this sitting on a table downstairs for all to see.. but mainly me.  hahaa  these days i've been coming home way past curfew that's been set one of my housemates who's the self-declared house manager.  doubling as an insomniac, she's kicked out a few residents already for disturbing her sleep.  blehh  i feel like i might be next.  

the anger, malice and rage version of me would like to tell her to start popping pills and then set a jar of captured daddy-long-legs into her room. but then that'd be turning righteous anger into sin and i should know better.  so.. here's the deal.  if i get kicked out, anyone want to take me in?  i promise i won't release spiders on you..


  1. :) <3, friend!!!
    sad day about the note. But I'm still coming over any time I like :P (J.W. oops oops I mean J.T :P)

  2. I have a spare room! Two, actually.