Saturday, August 18, 2012

My tree

It occured to me tonight that I'd name my fake bamboo tree Jasper. If you know me, I'm highly unlikely to name inanimate objects. It doesn't make sense to me. People can have names, flying squirrels can have names.. but certainly not things like.. say a sock. (Stuffed animals being the exception because they come alive in my dreams). So I dunno what came over me but this felt right.

I can't say where the name came from as the only Jasper I know comes from the movie The Holiday. And even then, he plays a jerk which is upsetting given how cool my tree is. The movies so-so too. I used to place it among my top 10 selections but mostly I just like it cuz of the bomb soundtrack.

I'm also not even entirely sure that its a guy tree so if anyone knows the secret to identifying tree gender please let me know. Hopefully it doesn't require searching under the roots cuz those are firmly planted into a solid mass of plastic made to look like dirt.

Anyways, I just thought I'd introduce you all to my tree. Jasper, blog friends. Blog friends, Jasper. Great, we're all good here. Moving on!

..and my parents wonder why I'm still flying solo. Little do they know I spend my nights socializing and staging photoshoots with an artificial tree.


  1. hmm...maybe this is just a guy thing, but men have been naming inanimate objects for, cameras, Conestoga wagons... heck, I'm sure Abe Lincoln probably had a name for his stovepipe hat at some point.

    Although, we never name them after guys' that's a first.