Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the makings of a lady

i rarely get myself groomed for several reasons.  first and foremost is my cheap-O-ness.  this drives me to shady asian salons that charge less than 20 bucks but always leaves me with a lopsided head.  second, i'm one of those girls who no matter how frilly, straggly, or uneven the hair, i refuse to get it cut.  not sure why.. that's just how it is.  plus my hair is more often than not in a messy bun piled on top of my head so the natural state of the hair doesn't really matter.

until today.  recently because of various wedding festivities, many of my lady friends have expressed concern over the decency of their eyebrows - making appointments to control the fuzziness in time for the big event.  while i don't often like to have half my face ripped off, i thought i'd take inventory of my own and see what's up.  disastrous.  lady advice #246: do not let your eyebrows and hairline connect.  so while i was out buying groceries, i yelped "eyebrows" in my vicinity and was directed to hair plaza across the street from where i was parked at savemart.  i just spent 2 million dollars on gas at costco so this worked out really well.

turns out this establishment is owned by several indian ladies who specialize in threading.  my only experience with threading has been my sister practicing on me after picking up a few tricks on youtube.  i can't say i was too excited but i have heard people say threading is better than waxing or plucking so here goes.

first thing i notice - the lady gets right to business.  no time wasted buttering me up about how i look like a supermodel or movie star.  thanks.  cuz i know you be lyin'.  if i really looked like a model i'd be getting my hair done by some flamey italian dude in hollywood.  so anyways i lie down, hold my skin tight and away she goes.  on the pain level scale of  :D  :]  :)  :|  :/  :(  :O  this rated :|  not bad!  and then before she finished, she spent about 4 minutes massaging the furrow out of my brow.. :D  NICE touch.  

following eyebrow management, i decided to try my luck with hair.  it's probably been a year since i got a hair cut so i figured now would be a good time to follow up.  unlike the asian fare i normally encounter, she didn't ask me about my current relational situation, douse my head with products i can't afford, or let me walk out with a style i could never recreate at home.  success!

being a lady is tough work!  ..but at least it's not as difficult as asking one out ;)  

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