Thursday, August 9, 2012

Staying put

Everyonce in awhile I get the urge to move.  Whether its because I want more space, a garage to house the dino, change of scenary or never having lived in the same place for more than 5 years at a time.. I always get a little restless and start refreshing Craigslist every couple minutes hoping for a listing that meets all my criteria for the perfect home.  Surprisingly, for Davis folks who read this, that trailer park on Olive behind Amtrak has surprisingly nice little homes!

This is also when i start thinking about the (+) and (-) of moving.  I've learned that in making lists, it's not about the ratio of pros to cons that determine the decision.  The numerical sum of rational justifications is generally outweighed by the importance of each individual item is.  That said, list making is not easy!  I sometimes wish magic 8-balls and origami fortune tellers never went out of style in middle school.  Could come in handy for a variety of situations if you know what i mean.

Ultimate decision: I think i'm gonna stay put for now.  Again.  Poor bunny's gonna keep getting chunkier for lack of room to run  =/  and maybe someday I'll have saved enough money to buy a trailer home and hang out in slatter's court.

Question:  Is it true that it's a misnomer that couples need their own time and consequently let go of friendly connections as a natural response to that?  Admittedly, I totally think this of coupley people I know.  ie. i'll never get to spend time with them anymore because they're otherwise occupied.  But I'm realizing that this is a misconception I (and many others too I think) have and unfortunately coupley's may suffer from reverse exclusivity because of it.  Huh!

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