Thursday, August 16, 2012

wikiwikiwikiwiki uhh. yeahh.

i had one of those epiphanous ah-haa moments today while driving.  i'm really excited to share it with you all.  as many of you don't know, i love to sing.  in the car, in the bathroom, in the office, when i think no ones around, etc.  the problem is, i have the vocal range of a muffin.  if i were a muffin, that'd be quite alright.  in fact, i'd probably be a muffin star.  but as a normal human being, it's kinda inconvenient.  those heart-turning songs have a way of stretching those high notes into infinity.  trust me, no one needs to hear what that sounds like coming out of me.

the troubling thing is, because of my limited vocal range i'll never be able to fulfill my dreams of being an overnight sensation.  the day's of will never see the limelight of day and that realization made me really sad for about 2 minutes.  enter epiphany.  have you ever hear pitbull sing?!  how about B.o.B.??  or tedashii of the christian variety?!

nope!  they don't need to and for all i know, they probably have the vocal range of a muffin as well!  but they rap like no momma's binness - and that's where i think come in.  just gotta get the rhymes to come out nice and smooth and fast without choking on my own saliva.  this could work :D  i have high hopes.

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  1. You are amazing, friend. haha truly amazing...let's get coffee and muffins too but not scones their scones are too dry >_<