Friday, August 31, 2012

in a world without sin

have you ever thought about how different things would be in a world without sin?  it occured to me today that if it were the case, there would be absolutely NO NEED for passwords.  for anything.  cuz i wouldn't have to worry about something - human or robot, trying to hack into any of my various accounts online or at work. 

in a world of honesty and complete trust, there'd be no reason why someone would want my address and the series of numbers separated by dashes that apparently determine the livelihood of my retirement.  in a perfect world, i wouldn't have to constantly retrieve forgotten passwords/usernames/security questions/security answers/identifying image!! and i also wouldn't have to routinely come up with new passwords to replace old expired ones.  there's only so many pokemon names after all..

siiigh.  until then, maybe i'll start going through jesus' lineage of something..  like Zerubbabel,136  hahahaa

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